Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yesterday we went to the pet store to buy my girl's early birthday present.We bought another Guinea pig, a friend for Hurby.He is still a baby and is very,very cute.She named him Scooter and she already loves him as much as she loves Hurby.We introduced them to each other on the floor and it went pretty good but the cage bonding was not very successful.They had to sleep in different cages.
I hope they will get used to each other and become friends.The first three pictures are of Hurby and Scooter.The last three are of some happy rats goofing around and this very active parrot who would not stand still even for a minute.That's why the only good picture of him I could take  was upside down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post cards from July

It is almost over, this beautiful,hot and exciting month of July.But we will remember it with all the fun and joy we had and the important things that happened to us,especially to me.A trip to the Cities bringing an important change in my life,bike rides down the bike trail,going to the movies with my girl and her friend,movie theater popcorn and candy,a stroll along the Mississippi River in the highest of the heat,ice cream at a cafe,going to the swimming pool,arts and crafts market.There is a lot of things to remember about this sweet month of July.But let's not close the last page of it because there are six more days left.Who knows what they are going to bring?

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Thursday Market

The Thursday Market on 1st street,downtown Rochester ,MN.Local artisans showing their crafts and arts,street sales from the stores  on 1st,live music,outdoor cafes and food vendors.It is a fun event, we will come again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Self portrait

It's too quiet in the house.She's on a sleepover with her cousin at Grandma's house.I already miss her.
This is her first attempt for a realistic self portrait.She looked in the mirror and this is how she saw herself.I wish she used better paper instead of a page from her notebook.Because I love it!!!She is getting so good!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A very good and creative day for the kitchen!Made some more mixed berry jam.The price of the strawberries was so nice, could not pass that.A girl can't have enough of her favourite berry jam!I also tried a new recipe for lentil soup that turned out so delicious I could not stop eating it.It is an Indian style one with curry and cayenne pepper.Saw something about it on TV,Googled it and grabbed the first recipe to try.Delicioso!Unfortunately it is not going to get excited nobody else in my family.For the rest of the family -pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce.They turned yamy too.Sometimes when I get inspired I don't know how to stop.
For my furry girls it was a lazy day as usual.They just changed their sleeping spots from time to time-chair,table,couch,floor.
My kid, she had a blast playing with her friends.There isn't happier time than the summer vacation.
As the heat wave from the last week was over it was time to hit the bike trail again.I went on a bike ride yesterday and today.The last two pictures are from today's ride.I met a female deer crossing my path but could not take a good picture of her.She got scared and ran away.

Monday, July 9, 2012

#150 and 151

Or # 151 and then 150,posted in this order.A couple more drawings from my last year's unsuccessful challenge.Both were completed during my morning breaks at work.At my lunch breaks I am too busy talking to my friend Stella.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garden inpressions

A beautiful weekend so far.A shopping trip and supper at a restaurant with delicious food yesterday.More art supplies for me and my daughter,one can never have enough art supplies!Scored not one but two issues of my favourite magazine Country Living the British edition at Barnes &Noble.It has never happened before.Lucky me!Today the plans are 1. bike ride-check 2.jumble berry jem-the berries are on sale-the recepe here 3.swimming pool-the weather calls for it.
These pictures are from our garden.I hope you have a nice weekend you all.