Friday, July 4, 2014

We are back

It's been more than two weeks since we came back from our trip to Bulgaria.Finally I settled down: got adjusted to the time zone, organized the house a little bit, got used to my regular routine and now I feel I can post some pictures from our trip.We had a lot of wonderful moments with my family and friends during this trip and some not so happy experiences but they were mainly connected with the process of travelling itself.
My daughter rediscovered the country again as she did not remember much from her previous two trips.She was too young at that time.She loved the food prepared mainly from scratch, the beautiful nature especially the country side and the sea.She was ecstatic when she saw the Black Sea for the first time and did not want to leave the city of Bourgas because she wanted to spent more time at the beach.Needless to say that she was so happy to see and spend time with her grandma and her uncle,my friends who she remembered very well from her previous visits and to play with their children.
The worst moment of our trip was at the beginning when we missed our connection to Munich.There was a storm over Chicago and they shut the airport down.We had to land in the city of Molina,IL and although we had 6 hour layover we missed our next flight.As a result we had to spent about 20 hours at the airport in Chicago There were hundreds of people like us who missed their flights.We were offered cot beds, pillows and  blankets in a rest area at Terminal 3.It looked like a refugee camp.I am mentioning this not because I want to concentrate on the negative events but because it was kind of unique experience although not very pleasant.We tried to make the best of the rest of our time at the O'Hara airport.We explored it,we did some sketching and people watching,pictures taking and ate at a Chinese restaurant.In the pictures:
1.The coolest airplane.2.This is how Terminal 3 looked like that night.3.Finally in Sofia.4.The view from our hotel room.5.On the bus on our way to Stara Zagora. Lions Bridge.6.In the country.7.Double rainbow over Grandma's village.8.The Island of Saint Anastasia.