Friday, November 21, 2014

Random post

Random post with random pictures from my fall. Snippets from my life.The ground is covered with snow but astronomically it is still fall.A fall that was warm and sunny not long ago and now it is freezing cold and snowy.My life is busy and exhausting at the moment and it was kind of surprise to myself to find time to blog.I am usually so tired that I prefer to do something more passive like reading a book or going on my tablet.I am so glad that I am back to reading Surprisingly I sometimes menage to do some sketching but forget to take pictures of my sketches.This is why my sketch is back from August.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We added a new member to our family.She is about one year old,adopted from the animal shelter.They found her wandering downtown Rochester.Apparently she belonged to somebody who hadn't been able to take care of her anymore.Why do I think so?Because nobody claimed her from the shelter.We named her Maya.We thought about different names like Nelly,Autumn and even Olga,my daughter's idea but it seems that Maya fits her the best.We are in love with her!She is the sweetest,cuddly little kitty!The picture  would be perfect if our other kitty ,Precious,was not going through a very jealous stage.At first she was very interested in her and looked like they would get along but now she is trying to put up a fight almost every day.We usually interfere when the things start to get ugly and hope that the time will help them learn how to live together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Smiles from our Halloween

Our cat Precious and a pumpkin.It could have been our Halloween card.

Auntie Matilda visited us for Halloween  again.

The pumpkins!

The trick-or-treating bunch ready for action.
Some goofy photo shoots

At the end it is all about candy.