Wednesday, October 31, 2012



While waiting for trick-or-treaters I realised I could upload some pictures and update my blog.
It was a sunny but cold day today.Nothing special,just an ordinary one. Chores,TV,reading, tea drinking and now I am giving out candy to the kids.The main excitement was for my girl who had been designing her "Pirate"costume for months.I bet she'll be back home with full bag of candy.She loooves Halloween.Here you can see  some recent pictures:1and2.Some fall decoration in my house.3.Can't get enough of the fall colors.4.I found this beautiful Japanese teapot at a thrift store.The tea taste so good in it.5.My lazy cat Precious.6.My pirate reading the newspaper while waiting for her friend to pick her up for trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Our little baby boy Guinea pig Scooter suddenly passed away on Wednesday ,October 24.He was so active and happy the night before playing with his brother Hurby and enjoying his favorite treats of lettuce and carrots.In the morning I noticed he could not keep his balance falling over on his sides and one hour later he passed away peacefully in his cage.We are still in shock trying to figure out why it happened to him.My little girl is brokenhearted grieving for her little baby boy in her own way,writing him letters and taking some treats to his little grave.We loved him so much and we will miss him a lot.His cute face,his vibrant and happy personality,the light and laughter he brought to our lives.Rest in peace little Scooter.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

In a crafty mood

Last week I was busy and tired and did not have much energy for crafting but the week before it was a different story.Not one but two projects!All made from the same sweater.I found this cute sweater at the local thrift store.35% rabbit hair.Unbelievably soft!But unfortunately wouldn't fit anybody!So,here came the scissors and the sewing machine.The pillow was fast and easy.I cut the body part of the sweater as you can see in the picture.Sewed the top part together with the sewing machine and crocheted the front end in order to make button holes.Sewed the buttons to the pillow and....Tadaaa!
A new pillowcase for my throw pillow.Then I started to think that it was a shame the rest of the sweater to go in the garbage and decided to try to make mittens out of it.It was a bit of a struggle but at the end I managed to create the mittens you can see in the last two pictures.They are not perfect but I like them and somebody else likes them too .Very much!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The last two drawings

The last two drawings from my last year challenge.Mixed media,experiments with drawing ,collage and water color on pages of old books.The first one was inspired by my childhood memories and the second one is just a ballerina girl.I have always loved to draw dancers.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Postcards of my fall

I had a hard and busy week ,last week. Trying to stay afloat and and meet the demands of life were my main goals.Let's hope this coming one would be easier.Anyway despite the hardships of life I took a few moments to enjoy the beauty of my favourite season,fall, and to smile at Spider man washing the windows of the Clinic.Thank you Spider man for the smiles.