Saturday, October 20, 2012

In a crafty mood

Last week I was busy and tired and did not have much energy for crafting but the week before it was a different story.Not one but two projects!All made from the same sweater.I found this cute sweater at the local thrift store.35% rabbit hair.Unbelievably soft!But unfortunately wouldn't fit anybody!So,here came the scissors and the sewing machine.The pillow was fast and easy.I cut the body part of the sweater as you can see in the picture.Sewed the top part together with the sewing machine and crocheted the front end in order to make button holes.Sewed the buttons to the pillow and....Tadaaa!
A new pillowcase for my throw pillow.Then I started to think that it was a shame the rest of the sweater to go in the garbage and decided to try to make mittens out of it.It was a bit of a struggle but at the end I managed to create the mittens you can see in the last two pictures.They are not perfect but I like them and somebody else likes them too .Very much!

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