Saturday, March 31, 2012

#133,134 and 135

Three more sketches/drawings from last year's challenge One-a-Day that I did not complete.Done from life.They remind my about the summer and the picnics my girl,her friend and I had by the little creak.

Friday, March 30, 2012


She likes to paint on the computer.Puppies,cats,guinea pigs,girls,flowers,sunshine,clouds.I wish it was that easy for me too.To decide what to paint and not to be mad when it does not turn out good.
But isn't this puppy adorable?She is very good at painting dogs. And cats, and girls,and flowers,trees,clouds...
Today is a gloomy and cold day,a good day to stay inside and read a book,drink tea,talk to a friend and listen to my girl's stories about school.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

#130,131 and 132

Three more sketches from my last year challenge.I do not know why the uploader decided to organise it in that order but anyway it is number 130 to 132.All three of them were done from life.Are you enjoying your weekend?Me too,I am having fun.Reading a book:Water For The Elephants,monkeying with an old camcorder,reading your blogs,spending time with my daughter and her pet Guinea pig Hurby.Gloomy again outside,but it will not stop me from going on a bike ride.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


We don't always have control over little things in life.One works hard to fix a problem but when it depends of other people the things are different.That's why I was gone for quite a lot of time.Our old computer died,this time forever.It was a good work horse and it lasted longer than we expected it to,having in mind it was in a flood,dipped 6 inches in water.So,we ordered a similar one through a wellknown store for electronics but we were not impressed with their customer service.Something that takes only a short phone call to one store takes hours of hanging on the phone and negotiating to another.You would think their goal is to get rid of their customers. Meanwhile,when I was gone, the spring came,the crocusses blumed,we had one very hot week with temperatures up to 82F/28C/ in the middle of March,I went on a bike ride 3-4 times and went on reading more books on my Nooky.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

* * *

the sleepover is over.sigh of relief.sometimes it's upsetting when your child does not act like herself in order to will take awhile before we do it again. i had a lot of hopes for this Saturday.they were right about the was high 63F but i do not remember about the wind.strong and cold.i was planning to go on my first bike ride today but it did not happen.i bought one e-book for my Nooky,instead and started to read's The Secret Life of Bees.i remember how pleasantly surprised and fascinated by the movie I was,when i watched it on TV not long ago.i have to buy it for my collection. these pictures were not taken today.they are from another warm winter day not long ago. the first one was taken by my daughter.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've been feeling tired recently.A lot of things to do but not enough energy.Maybe it is because of the winter and the lack of sunshine.It was warm but gloomy,this winter.The sunny days were few.I can say one of the strangest winters ever. Now you can feel the spring in the air.The robins are already here.My daughter saw her first one last week.And we saw a bunch of them yesterday when walking her back from school.It was so warm and sunny that lots of people were out for a run,walk or a bike ride. I feel like having some rest but there is a busy day ahead.