Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three Sketches From January 22

These are the three sketches I completed while staying home with my sick little girl on January 22.The first one was done from life.We have two bird feeders in our yard and we have a lot of different birds visiting them in these cold winter days but the main attraction are the cardinals.There are two cardinal families visiting our yard regularly.How could I know they are two different families but sometimes they come together.
The other sketch is of my daughter eating an ice cream on a hot summer day.I took the reference photo during our trip to Bulgaria last year.
And this cute boy's name is Anatoly.He belongs to my friend Plamena who lives in Bulgaria.I took his picture when visiting my friend in the summer.My daughter loved to play with him because he was very patient and cuddly.
I completed the sketches with watercolor pencils in a Canson sketch book.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just A Drawing

It is an old one , just a drawing with an ink pen Micron.I haven't done any new ones.The last day off I spent in front of the TV watching the inauguration of the new president Barak Obama.It was really exciting.Could have done some sketches but did not feel like that.For today I planned to paint with acrylics but my daughter is at home, sick with a cold and I will try to do some sketches.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Inspirational Cards#4and5

These are my two new inspirational cards,I made them today.The first one is called Green Eyes and the second one My Music.
For the first one i drew the cats on a piece of newspaper,painted them with acrylic paints,cut them out and glued them on orange card stock and then pasted that to chipboard.
For the second one I drew the image of the girl with the violin,painted it with watercolor pencils.Cut it out and pasted it to a piece of scrapbook paper.Actually it is one of those pieces of paper that are called Art To Borrow and come as a bonus with the issues of the Somerset Studio magazine.I cut the roses from scrapbook paper and embellished the piece with the strip of lace.