Saturday, March 24, 2012


We don't always have control over little things in life.One works hard to fix a problem but when it depends of other people the things are different.That's why I was gone for quite a lot of time.Our old computer died,this time forever.It was a good work horse and it lasted longer than we expected it to,having in mind it was in a flood,dipped 6 inches in water.So,we ordered a similar one through a wellknown store for electronics but we were not impressed with their customer service.Something that takes only a short phone call to one store takes hours of hanging on the phone and negotiating to another.You would think their goal is to get rid of their customers. Meanwhile,when I was gone, the spring came,the crocusses blumed,we had one very hot week with temperatures up to 82F/28C/ in the middle of March,I went on a bike ride 3-4 times and went on reading more books on my Nooky.

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