Wednesday, October 31, 2012



While waiting for trick-or-treaters I realised I could upload some pictures and update my blog.
It was a sunny but cold day today.Nothing special,just an ordinary one. Chores,TV,reading, tea drinking and now I am giving out candy to the kids.The main excitement was for my girl who had been designing her "Pirate"costume for months.I bet she'll be back home with full bag of candy.She loooves Halloween.Here you can see  some recent pictures:1and2.Some fall decoration in my house.3.Can't get enough of the fall colors.4.I found this beautiful Japanese teapot at a thrift store.The tea taste so good in it.5.My lazy cat Precious.6.My pirate reading the newspaper while waiting for her friend to pick her up for trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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