Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A very good and creative day for the kitchen!Made some more mixed berry jam.The price of the strawberries was so nice, could not pass that.A girl can't have enough of her favourite berry jam!I also tried a new recipe for lentil soup that turned out so delicious I could not stop eating it.It is an Indian style one with curry and cayenne pepper.Saw something about it on TV,Googled it and grabbed the first recipe to try.Delicioso!Unfortunately it is not going to get excited nobody else in my family.For the rest of the family -pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce.They turned yamy too.Sometimes when I get inspired I don't know how to stop.
For my furry girls it was a lazy day as usual.They just changed their sleeping spots from time to time-chair,table,couch,floor.
My kid, she had a blast playing with her friends.There isn't happier time than the summer vacation.
As the heat wave from the last week was over it was time to hit the bike trail again.I went on a bike ride yesterday and today.The last two pictures are from today's ride.I met a female deer crossing my path but could not take a good picture of her.She got scared and ran away.

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