Thursday, February 5, 2015


Time is the best treasure in life after health.I think.It is so important to have some time for ourselves. To do the things we love.To think.To cleanse our brains.To organize our thoughts.Or just to be.To feel the moment of life.I have time now.I am rich.At the moment.I have eight days off work.I savor every moment,when I do what I love to do:read,sketch,look at the other people's blogs on my tablet,knit,take pictures and so on or even when I do nothing.The pictures above are like illustrations of my life during the last three-four snowy winter days.The spread from my sketchbook is from a year ago.I have some new sketches but I have to take pictures and upload them in the computer.I even tried to bake a bunt cake yesterday and it turned out pretty delicious!

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