Monday, September 2, 2013

Bye,bye,August! Hello,September!

It seems to me August passed by so fast. It was a busy one for us or it seemed to me like a busy one. It was full of celebrations and things that had to be taken care of. A late graduation party for my step son, an early birthday celebration for my daughter, school  supplies shopping, school clothes shopping ,long awaited going to the movies to see the One Direction movie/Yes, she is a fan!/,sleepovers, taking care of my little veggie patch, harvesting the produce , cleaning after the Guinea pigs and playing with them, bike rides and reading aloud The Little House On The Prairie and so many other activities that come with the sweet summer time and the school vacation.
But this time is over now and she is /almost/ready for school. But I am not ready for the fall yet. This year the summer was kind of short and  I would not mind some more warm and sunny days.

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