Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Christmas brought a lot of warmth and joy to our house.Christmas songs have been played on the trumpet,delicious food has been eaten,lots of presents have been opened,So much excitement for people and pets.And then the New Years celebration was quieter,spent at home with some more delicious food and a glass of wine watching the New Year's show from Time's Square.It was quieter in the house because the kids were not home celebrating with their friends.They had fun for sure as well as we did.I loved this New Year's show and almost all the performers who sang.It was great!
And now we have to start getting used to the idea that the Holiday season is over./I wish it could last at least for another month!!!/I have to start thinking about a New Year's resolution.I don't know yet...The only thing I could think of was that I have to start drinking more herb tea.There was a period in my life when I drank a lot of herb tea and was very healthy,no flu could knock me over.Oh,...and maybe my regular one:To make more time for sketching/drawing and art.In two words to be creative.So,guys let's be more creative in the New Year 2015.Let's make time for  the things we like to do!HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you,who stops by to read my blog!

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