Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Father's Day

It turned into a family tradition to celebrate Father's Day at the art show Art in the Park in Lanesboro, MN. The weather was wonderful on Sunday: warm and sunny, a real day from the summer. The park was full with people: arts and crafts vendors, food vendors , visitors and lots of pets. We like the atmosphere of the art show. We like to look at the different booths and buy some beautiful things. My daughter was interested in the jewelry and the delicious food of course, my husband and my mother-in-low were interested in the pottery and I bought myself this wooden trey you can see in the last picture. I also love these kind of events because they give you perfect opportunities for people watching and picture taking. The other thing I love about our Father's Day at Art in the Park is that we get to spend time with grandma and grandpa because they like to come with us on this day. It makes my daughter even double happier.

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