Saturday, June 15, 2013

It feels like summer

It feels like summer finally! I started to believe that eventually it will come. On Thursday we had the nicest day for this spring. All sunshine and summer warmth. Oh god, how we need that! Yesterday was not bad too. There were clouds once in a while but as a whole nice. We took a good advantage of the warm weather and went on a bike ride to Peterson.10-11 miles total. My girl was even more motivated than usual because I promised a lunch at Burdey's Café. She loves this place. The food is so delicious there and the prices are very nice. She doesn't care about the last one but I just want to mention it as a "bill payer". On our way back we took pictures of wild flowers and the beautiful scenery. Back at home we decided that it would be fair for the Guinea pigs to enjoy the beautiful weather so we took them out to their play pen. Yes, it was a wonderful day spent with my daughter. And not only this day, the whole week was so sweet because I had it off. Too bad it is coming to its end. It is always so precious to spend time with the people you love and to do things you love to do. I enjoyed every single minute of my little vacation.

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