Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some more illustrations from last year

Can't believe it is almost the middle of September and this is my first post for this month.Life tries really hard to get in the way of my blogging!Too many things to do and no enough time.
Well,today the things are going really good so far.Almost all the chores were done in time,my kid was  at school and the computer was waiting patiently for me.So I embraced this opportunity and here I am,at the computer.Sometimes I wonder why I do that.The blogging ,I mean.To brag about myself and the things I do and make?I don't know.I think I do it more as therapy; to distract myself from the hardships of life,to try to look at my life from a different perspective and ,I hope, to inspire somebody the way I get inspired by the other people's blogs.
These three illustrations were inspired by Christmas and the flying away year of the rabbit, 2011.

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