Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures from a beautiful summer week-2

Today we spent the day cleaning the house.She organised her room,a surprising urge to beautify her environment.She got really tired/I am so tired I can feel the blood in my tongue!/but went on because her cousin was coming to visit today.And grandma and grandpa as well.I encourage and support eagerly this kind of strange behavior.It turned out pretty good.She even made her bed!!!
Yesterday we did not do anything.She was sick with a stomach bug and I had to stay home with her.It was not fun but thank god it is over.She is OK today and very excited to have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house with her cousin.
These pictures are from the last week, too.We went on a bike ride and my girl and her little friend A. explored the nature with the great curiosity of the little kids.The funny thing is that I dropped my camera in the creek that day and I was so stressed out that I lost my little friend,because she is like a friend to me.She,Camera, had hard time recovering for a couple days and guess what?Now she works as good as she did before the fall!!!It is true she got a lazy eye,my dear friend.The shutter would not shut up entirely but who cares if she still works.

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