Monday, June 14, 2010

:)Rainy Monday

Sometimes my dining room table looks like this. Actually most of the time.We are a creative family.At least some of us.
It has been raining the whole day today and my kid and I were stuck at home.Of course she drew pictures, wrote in her journal,watched TV and played on the computer and I drew a little bit.Too bad the light was no good and I could not take pictures.
I had to make a hard decision today,too and when I finally made up my mind I felt a huge relief.
And also talked on Skype to a friend I had not seen or talked for about twenty years.We were very good friends but life scattered us in different parts of the world and we lost touch with each other.
She had always broth me a good luck in the past so I hope our reunion in this hard moment of my life is a good sign.

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