Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to blogging

Hi,long times no see!I wonder if there are still people who check out my blog.I was out of business for a while due to computer problems. Thanks  to my step son who has fixed it I am back and ready to roll.My archives are full of pictures I would like to share with you.A lot of exciting things that were excellent photo opportunities happened while I was out of the blogging community.I am not going to bother you with everything but here are some pictures.1.The beautiful bouquet that my husband has bought me from the farmers market.2.The abandoned farm house by the marsh I see every time I go biking.3.4.5.Somebody had a Birthday with a lot of fun,presents and a cake. 6.  7.  8. At Lake Carol,up north Wisconsin where we spent last weekend visiting relatives.Amazing nature!!!

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