Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring.Postcards from our garden.

There is some relieve and joy and happiness that spring is finally here.It is still cooler than it is supposed to be at this time of the year but the flowers are blooming,the birds are chirping and the sunshine shows up once in a while.Our Guinea pigs had their first play date outside.It was fun to watch them hopping and running around the pen.As you can see we have a new Guinea pig.His name is Pip/My daughter got him as a present from a friend.He is very cute and likes to be petted.What he does not like is to be picked up.He gets very nervous when he is in the air and starts squealing just like a pig.I am going to post more pictures of Pip in the next posts for sure.All the pictures in this post but the second one were taken by my daughter.She is getting really good at that!

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