Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trip to Minnesota Zoo

I should have posted these pictures much earlier but well,the excuse is the same boring one: lack of time. We visited the Minnesota Zoo about two weeks ago, my family and a friend of my kid's. And believe me not only the kids had a blast! My husband and I had a wonderful time, too!The Minnesota Zoo is an amazing place to spend a whole day of your weekend at. They had all kinds of local and exotic animals from all over the world. I could not get enough of the tropical fish and their amazing colors but my all time favorite were the Russian  brown Grisly bears from the region of Kamchatka. They were so entertaining we had hard time leaving their aria. Every time we were about to leave they would come out with another trick and we would go back to watch them. I am going to post more pictures of the bears in another post. I promise!

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