Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday night

Last night after supper my daughter and I took the Guinea pigs outside to their play pan. They love to be outside to run and graze fresh grass. The weather was wonderful despite the predictions for thunderstorms. It was warm and sunny with a pleasant light breeze. It was so nice to relax after the hard day and just soak in the moment , watching the world around and listening to my kid's never ending stories.. The sunset was gorgeous and my first  reaction was to run in the house for my camera. Enjoying the beautiful evening we were amazed to see how busy and ever changing the world around us was. The skies and the clouds changed their colors several times till the sun sat down. A baby robin fell out of its nest and landed on our old garage roof. I hope it will survive the hardships of its little life. A flock of Canada geese flew by honking loudly over our heads. A bunch of martins were upset by our presence in the garden and were flying nervously back and forth screaming loudly. Only Mama Cardinal was laying still in her nest by the garage because she had a very important job to do-to hatch her little eggs. I could sit out there for hours and just be. It is amazing how the littlest things could give us so much pleasure.
The last two pictures show my daughter's project for her Science Fair at school. She did a great job doing it all by herself. That was the last big event before the summer vacation which by the way has officially started. Yey ,Summer!!!
 Some of the pictures in this post were taken by me ,some by my daughter.

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