Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pictures from one good week

Some pictures from the last week.One really good week,and a weekend. D.had his birthday/not the real one/ at the weekend and I made him a chocolate cake.It is turning into family tradition to have Papa Murphy's pizza for the kids' BDays.But the grownups love it too.I would say too...much. S. and I made cupcakes with homemade butter frosting and nuts on top.Yammy,yammy./I need to work out more./ S. brought home the perfect report card and made her mama happy.We are so proud of her!!!And I need to print one copy for Grandma and Grandpa. She also came up with one brilliant idea.We started working out watching videos on u tube.Especially the dancing ones,for kids and adults.It is so mush fun and you don't need to go to any gym.I mean it is free.

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