Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The strangest winter ever.No snow and so warm.No white Christmas ,no white December or January.It made my husband so happy,he does not like the snow for sure. It was around 52 degrees yesterday.And this morning the sun was so bright and warm.I went for a walk after taking the kid to school.Yes but the things are changing now.It became windy and cold in the afternoon and at the moment it is snowing.Now that is normal!This is how it should be.I love the snow unless it is something drastic like a blizzard that cuts you from the rest of the world for weeks. Had a quiet day off at home,reading your blogs,paying bills,talking to friends on Skype,cooking fish soup for lunch and meatballs for supper.Oh,and when the snow had just started she wanted to go rollerblading.I was sorry I said "yes" because we almost froze to death.The wind was so cold.

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