Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's resolution and #122,123 and124

Can you believe it is already January 3,2012?The time flies so fast!No matter how much we love the Holidays they come to an end and we have to go back to our everyday lives.It is not easy especially if you love Christmas as much as I do.I am planing to put my decorations away one step at a time otherwise it hurts if I do it all at once. So,the New Year has started but I have not given a serious thought to my New Year's resolution.Not that I sit and write it down every New Year but at least I have a couple or three things in my mind.Last year I promised to myself that I would not buy art and craft supplies for six months and use the staff I had stashed in my studio.Guess what?I overdid my self avoiding Hobby Lobby store for almost a year. The other major thing that I tried to accomplish was not so successful.I started a challenge "A sketch/drawing/piece of art a day" in order to keep myself motivated to create.I had to drop the challenge after six months of trying hard because the everyday life was so much in the way of it.And the funny thing was that the hardest part was not creating the art but posting it on line.It was too time consuming.I still have some sketches and pieces of art from my last year challenge waiting to be posted and I will go on doing that till I am done.Here you can see #122,123 and124.The first one done at the swimming pool,the other two during my break at work. For this year's resolution I think I will try to achieve simple things like: 1.to be more patient with my girl,not to forget that she is still a child 2.to try to live at the moment,putting aside all "to do" lists 3.to find some time to create 4.to use the supplies from my studio and again avoid the craft stores for 6 months 5.pay my medical bill

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