Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And some more

I can't get enough of it.I want to show you all the pictures of that night walk. A wonderful day at home,today.Good night sleep,hot coffee in the morning,walk to school with my girl.Some more Christmas decorating,bill paying,laundry doing and washing dishes.In the afternoon talked to my mom on the phone,went to the thrift store in town and then cooked meatball soup for supper,my family favourite one.Did I mentioned before that soups are my favourite meals?The cherry on top of this evening were the cookies my daughter and I baked and decorated.It takes a lot of convincing,begging and nagging from behalf of my daughter to make me bake cookies.I am not a good baker and I also try to stay away from too much sugar.But today I said yes and we had fun.For beginners like us they turned out pretty good.

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