Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random picture

The mornings are cooler but the days are still warm.It is kind of hard to figure out how to get dressed.Jacket and jeans or just a t-shirt and capris?The school started two days ago and it is still a big excitement.I am happy she can't wait to go there in the morning.No problems with waking up and getting ready.Such a relief in comparison with the last year.
And the house was quiet for about seven hours.Did some chores,talked to a friend on Skype.Finished everything i planned to do.This gives mesome peace of mind.I feel like the cat in the picture at the moment /or not/.By the way,I took this picture at a gardening business in the city of Houston,MN.A very pretty place with gorgeous plants and flowers and also with a bunch of cats and kittens in residence.My folks and I love to visit there.

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