Thursday, August 4, 2011

#108 and109

Two more of my sketches-doodles.My enthusiasm about "one a day challenge" is fading away.I am not sure I am going to finish it.Life gets in the way of it and it gets harder and harder to stay on track.And I also enjoy doing other things like spending time with my kid,biking,crafts,reading books and blogs,watching TV and so on.

Yesterday for example we had a wonderful mother-daughter day.After a short visit at the dentist's we spent the day in Winona going for a walk by the lake,feeding the ducks and the Canada geese,visiting my work place and meeting my coworkers,visiting the nursing home.We ate breakfast at the hospital cafeteria and lunch at AW.At the end of the day we went shopping for school supplies,a new backpack and some cute outfits.It was so amazing to watch her being so excited and happy,enjoying every minute of the day.I wish we ,adults,could live in the moment the way the little kids can.

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