Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Challenge

It is snowing slowly and lazily outside.I love this kind of weather.It is warm and cozy inside.I sit behind the computer and waste my time.I've already checked my favourite blogs and there is no reason to go on sitting here.I realize I should use my time in a more creative way.
I make "to do" lists so some ideas do not fall through the cracks.Anyway it is a New Year.One should start it with new hopes,new plans and new ideas.One should take new roads and have new beginnings.

I had hard time deciding how to start my blogging journey for this year.Last
weekend I went to the website of Etsy.com and on their blog I read the inspiring article about Noah Scalin.He challenged himself to make a scull a day to keep his creative juices going.I got so excited reading about his creativity journey that in a moment of weakness I left a comment saying that I would challenge myself doing a sketch a day for the entire 2011 year.Now I realised what I got myself into but at least I will try.Yes I am going to try.It could be not only sketches but drawings and some other art pieces.And if I miss a day I will have to make up for it.I will post updates once or two times a week several pieces at a time.
I am doing it for myself to keep myself going.

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