Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend project

This naughty boy Summer is packing up his stuff getting ready to move south.We will miss him because we had a lot of fun all those warm months but we also love his beautiful sister Fall.Yes,we can feel her signs around us.Chilly mornings,
sunshine that does not warm too much,more rainy and cloudy days,the trees starting to change into pretty fall colors,the kids running to school early in the morning,the smell of apples in the air.Oh, I love fall!!!
I can't wait to take more beautiful pictures in the warm colors of the season.Recently,I've realised that I need a small bag or pouch to carry my camera and my cell phone during my bike rides.Carrying them in my pockets is not comfortable or safe.So ,this last weekend I made myself this little bag just big enough for my camera and cell.It is still a work in progress but I am almost done.I love the colors of the yarn,so girly!

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