Friday, August 13, 2010

Starry night

Last night my step daughter,my daughter and I went outside to watch the meteor shower.The night sky was just gorgeous.Not even a cloud, just huge bright stars and the song of the crickets.
I could see one shooting star,my step daughter saw a couple only my little one could not see any.
She was sad but she still needs to learn a lot about patience.Anyway she saw a lot of interesting things this night-The Big Dipper,several aeroplane lights,the light of a satellite and a baby frog.
This sketch is an attempt to draw my daughter drawing in her sketchbook.The resemblance is a little bit off.Here she looks older than she is actually.Watercolor pencils.


mythopolis said...

I remember when my son first spotted the Big Dipper! He was so excited. A year before, all he could see was the moon. And on a half-moon, he pointed, and said, "Moon broke. Fix it, Daddy!" Well, he is pushing 30 now. And knows Daddy can't fix everything. But, he seems pretty good managing his life on his own. Kids seem to think parents are gods, but they are not. They are just kids themselves, in grown-up clothes! Enjoyed your site. Thanks.

vanya'sArt said...

Thank you ,mythopolis,for stopping by and leaving a comment.I appreciate this.Yes,I was kind of sad for my little one because she missed this opportunity to see her first shooting star but life is in front of her.