Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank you,Anna Emilia!

Yesterday when I went to the Post Office there was a brown package awaiting for me.All the way from Finland,from Anna Emilia.She was sending me the watercolor painting I won from her give-away.Inside the brown package there was another pale green package and a small print of another of Anna Emilia's watercolors .It was wrapped so beautifully that I did not dear to open it right away. Eventually I did it and there it was -her wonderful delicately painted watercolor Midsummer Meadow .
It is so beautiful I can't take my eyes away from it.Thank you,Anna Emilia!


Anna Emilia said...

Thank you dear Vanya. I am happy that you like it and that it arrived in one piece.

Have a good August!

vanya'sArt said...

You,too,have a wonderful and exciting August,Anna Emilia.!