Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Belated Post

I promised to post about the ACEO I bought at the art fest in the park a couple or tree weeks ago but I am kind of late.Sorry about that.I have a serious reason for that.I have some health problems and at the moment I am recovering after surgery but let's not talk about that.I am doing really good.

The name of the local artist I bought the little watercolor painting from was Hannah C. Heyer.I fell in love with her delicate and fine brush stroke.It takes a lot of talent and fine skills to paint these tiny details in the small painting.And of course it was a winter landscape because I have something special about winter.I think I mentioned many times how much I love winter.

For the people who wonder how big the painting is I just would like to let you know that ACEO paintings are of the size of a trading card.Hannah Heyer has a blog- http://ambitioussnail.blogspot.com/ and an Etsy shop with the same name.You can visit them and admire her work yourself.

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