Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Creativity Took A Different Turn

I have planned to knit a warm set for the winter, a hat and a scarf for the cold days.I could never find the right time and the inspiration as well.I would look in the stores for something to buy but nothing would grab my eye.
I am glad that the inspiration finally came to me reading the wonderful blogs of so many creative people,who share their talents and ideas with the others.
And there you are, my hat is already finished.At the moment I am working on my scarf.
Isn't that strange that somebody would start knitting in the heat of the summer?Maybe there is something wrong with me or i need to express myself in a different way but I am having fun.


Agapya said...

Красивый цвет!

vanya'sArt said...

Sposibo,Agapya for leaving a comment in my blog.