Friday, May 29, 2009

Show And Tell

I had hard time finding my cell phone in my purse or my back pack.I will get very frustrated when it starts ringing and I can't find it and when I find it they will stop calling and so on.I started thinking what I could do about it and I came with this idea.I crocheted this little case with this big button to keep it in.And now it is easy for me to see it and find it in my purse and I am so proud of myself .And it makes my husband and my friend Stela laugh how easy it is to make me happy and I agree with them yes, the little things make me happy.


Милена said...

Хубава идея! Аз имам същия проблем с телефона, но още не съм му изплела калъфче:/

vanya'sArt said...

Viarvay mi naistina pomaga,namiram go za skunda.